Read my 10 Point Plan for Crime Reduction in Milwaukee

1) ORGANIZE A CRIME SUMMIT.  Invite business and religious leaders, police, city and county elected officials, and community activists to be heard–to work together.  Invite community groups to tell their local, state, and federal officials what they want/need.  We need a surge of federal and state resources to stop the crime wave in Milwaukee and its spread.  Let’s bring everyone to the table so, we can work together efficiently and productively.

2) CREATE A PORTAL WEBSITE. Maintain a main website portal for tracking crime and maintaining statistics.  Allow all organizations to post and connect information in one accessible place.  We don’t know how we’re doing unless we face it–and can see all the data.  Create one place for anti-crime groups to list their events and contact information, etc.  We’ll post  “most wanted” Criminals.  We’ll allow people to post photos of someone breaking into cars, etc.  Also, highlight info and resources for human trafficking.  It’ll be a go-to resource for everyone fighting Milwaukee’s crime…in one accessible resource.

3) HOLD CAR THIEVES ACCOUNTABLE. To punish and hold accountable car thieves–right now almost nothing happens. In 2014 car thefts were up 69% from the year before as reported by the Journal Sentinel.  Revamp and focus on youth and family services. In the end, jobs and education are the solution. The same approach applies to retail theft.

4) GIVE THE CDC THE AUTHORITY TO INVESTIGATE GUN CRIME. Create a law that permits the CDC to investigate Gun Crime.  How can we create policies when we don’t know the true facts?

5) CREATE A CULTURE THAT DOESN’T GIVE RECOGNITION TO CRIME. Publicly encourage a media approach which minimizes the public recognition of mass shooting murders–mass shooters often do it for the recognition.  Meet and work with media to talk about new standards of reporting crime and its consequences.

6) CREATE A NATIONAL WHISTLE BLOWING WEBSITE or RESOURCE CENTER. Create a national whistle-blowing number where anyone who suspects or sees crimes can report concerns, crack houses, most wanted, etc.  Often, victims and witnesses won’t report to local resources due to the fear of retaliation.

7) PROVIDE POLICE WITH RESOURCES AND TRAINING NEEDED. Also, focus on diversity and technology.  To enforce more police resources.  More shared revenue from the State is needed.

8)  CHANGE THE RHETORIC AND NATIONAL DISCOURSE REGARDING POLICE AND BLACK MEN.  Other cities such as Minneapolis and Kansas City are models for us to follow.

9) SUPPORT COMMUNITY-BASED ORGANIZATIONS AND WATCH GROUPS. To give community crime organizations the support & training they need to fight bad elements in their neighborhoods.   Milwaukee has done some, but more is needed.

10) HOST NATIONAL SUMMITS. To meet with anti-crime organizations nationally to discuss ideas, share successes, etc. Safe neighborhoods and downtowns must be a national priority.

June 2016 Campaign Announcement

I am announcing my campaign again for Congress.

For two years, I have hoped Gwen Moore in Congress and her political partner Tom Barrett and other elected officials in Milwaukee would make real progress on the serious problems in this County and City.

Homicides are rampant. Carjackings, stolen cars and hit and run accidents dominate the news every day.

Federal, state and city efforts have been useless!

My number one goal if elected is this:

A call for a surge of law enforcement for the out-of-control crime problem in Milwaukee.

That surge should consist of the National Guard, US marshals and FBI agents. Now!

We had a surge in Iraq in 2007 to win the Terror War in Fallujah.

Winning the terror war in Milwaukee is worth the same effort and resources, time, and manpower.

Tonight, there is a premiere of the documentary 53206 at the Oriental theater in the Milwaukee.

I grew up in the 53206 ZIP Code in Milwaukee.

We thought the National Guard called out by Mayor Maier across from our house on 15th and Capitol Drive was the worst it could get. No!

Now it is a war zone of guns, carjackings, hit-and-run car accidents, heroin sales, sexual abuse, failed education systems, failed justice systems, failed families – failed politics!

I can do better!

As a senator in Madison, I did do better.

Greater funding for public education, with educational reform, transportation (including mass transit), job creation and environmental protection.

Gwen has missed votes in Congress. I never missed in 23 years in office.

Gwen has not been able to make any major changes to the mass incarceration problem in Washington or Madison.

I know where to start – PREVENT CRIME with a surge in police resources!

The 2015 study of shootings in Milwaukee shows where to focus. As presented by the MKE Homicide Review Commission, the homicide rate in Milwaukee is 24 per 100,000 people. For the State of Wisconsin the rate is 3 for the U.S. the rate is 5.

The increase for Milwaukee is 69% according to WTMJ4.

And it is worse for 53206 and other central city ZIP Codes. But this crime wave impacts the entire County and 4th Congressional District.

On many national issues, I stand with Bernie. Gwen and Hillary are too cozy with big banks and big money at a time when the average person needs a champion. I am that Champion for Change!

We need a member of Congress to get our fair share of federal funds! I will work to hold down the increase in property taxes for the county and all the municipalities of South Milwaukee, Cudahy, St. Francis, West Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Brown Deer, Shorewood, Glendale, Whitefish Bay, Foxpoint, and Bayside.

Gwen Moore has not followed the example of Les Aspin and I will! As congressman and secretary of defense, Les showed us what a focused leader can do for us in Washington! Like him and Jerry Kleczka, I will return our fair share of federal funds, jobs and programs to Milwaukee! At the same time, I will pick up the work of Bill Proxmire and ferret out waste in D.C.

Like Jim Moody, I will be a congressman who values and supports UWM and all universities and colleges in our Congressional District.

I am especially motivated to support university faculty and staff against a Republican Legislature bent on destruction of the “Wisconsin Idea”.

I call on all voters to join a winning team on August 9th – vote Gary R. George, Democrat for Congress, 4th District!

“A Lawyer for Congress”

“A Champion for Change”

Foreign Policy Priorities (outside the Middle East)

Dear 4th Congressional District Voters:

It is critical we as a country established closer ties to India.

The World’s largest democracy has a new Prime Minister – Mr. Narendra Modi. He previously was opposed by the U.S., but we need his leadership on economic development in the region and as a military and intelligence ally against both China and Russia.

As a member of Congress, I will lead trade missions to create jobs in Milwaukee. Other Congressional members do this, but ours has not. Canada, Mexico, South America, and Japan, as well as India, would be my top priorities.

Canada is Wisconsin’s number one trading partner. Mexico is also very important with many ties to Milwaukee.

Argentina is facing default and our Country must focus on trade with South America. Japan is emerging from years of stagnation.

America is about business. I will help lead the way!

But we must also be active in addressing climate change. Our lives will change, with California and Florida as major food producers very much impacted.

Finding a way to address the carbon challenges of China and others, while we keep investing in better technology and leading the way, will be a top Congressional priority. We can find a way!

Vote Gary George – Democrat for Congress on August 12th


Gary George