You have to go to work everyday, your Congressman should, too. Gwen Moore has missed over 500 votes since elected.

Gary George 4 Congress

“A Lawyer you can count on, a Congressman who will deliver.”

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Press Release | July 16th

CANDIDATE FOR CONGRESS GARY GEORGE CALLS FOR IMMEDIATE TRUMP IMPEACHMENT AFTER TRUMP-PUTIN PRESS CONFERENCE IN FINLAND.     “Today, President Trump proved why we need a new member of Congress that will draft and introduce Legislation of Impeachment.  As John Brennan stated as reported on MSNBC today, the President’s behavior in Finland with the Russian […]

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Campaign Announcement

“I want to go to Congress to vote everyday for Milwaukee County. Gwen Moore has missed 515 votes since elected, and I PLEDGE TO NEVER MISS A ROLL CALL VOTE. You go to work everyday and your member of Congress should too.” “Gwen has not done the work and does not want to help us. […]

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Israel, Middle East in Crisis

Dear 4th Congressional District Voter: This week there is the Islamic Holy Day of Eid-al-Fitr. Missiles are firing from Gaza into Israel. A hospital was hit in Gaza. Soldiers and civilians are dying. The TV coverage is shocking. Syria, Iraq and Libya are on fire. Congress needs a leader from Milwaukee. A strong supporter of […]

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Education Reform and Lower Property Taxes

Dear 4th Congressional District Voter: Education is the key to a better life. A better job, stronger families, better health and accesses to healthcare are all benefits of working. Across Milwaukee County, we need more jobs! In Congress, I will help. As a strong supporter of Public Education, as well as the legislative author of […]

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Gwen Moore voted against Israel

Dear 4th Congressional District Voter: Gwen Moore voted against Israel. Israel and the United States. In 2009, the current representative from the 4th Congressional District in Wisconsin (representing most of Milwaukee County) voted against a resolution supporting Israel. The vote was 390-5. (See Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Jan. 15, 2009) Since then, she has told the […]

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Need For Jobs – Social and Economic Issues in Milwaukee

Dear 4th Congressional District Voters: Yesterday, I enjoyed very much meeting the voters in Bayside, Fox Point, Whitefish Bay and Glendale during my walk down Port Washington Road. In addition, I was able to engage in an interview with Mike Lowe, the political reporter for Channel 6. Standing in the plaza between Panera Bread and […]

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Israel, Immigration and Jobs

Letter to the 4th Congressional District Voters: Israel, Immigration and Jobs are the issues the press is asking about this week. On Israel, our national goal is to stand with our strongest Middle East ally, Israel, and seek a two-state solution for peace. Hamas rockets must stop. Progress towards peace requires our solid support for […]

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18-Year Old Drinking Age

Dear 4th Congressional District Voter: The Federal Government forced all 50 states to raise their drinking age to 21. Wisconsin had an 18-year old drinking age. If you can go to war, get married and buy a house at 18, there is no reason to restrict responsible access to hear, wine and mixed drinks! College-age […]

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Federal Highway Funding

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (p. 5A on July 2, 2014) “Federal Highway Funding Dwindles” This week, the U.S. Department of Transportation announced gridlock in Congress means the people of Milwaukee County will feel the pain of cutbacks in federal funds for roads and mass transit. The Obama Administration sent a letter to the Walker Administration saying […]

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2 Job Initiatives I Promise to Push

2 Job Initiatives I Promise to Push Dear 4th Congressional District Voters: I have specific plans to help create jobs. Here are 2: 1. A summer job for every 16 year-old in Milwaukee County. As a teenager, I had a job cleaning trash from Estabrook and Lincoln Parks. We can afford to do this for […]

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