18-Year Old Drinking Age

Dear 4th Congressional District Voter:

The Federal Government forced all 50 states to raise their drinking age to 21.

Wisconsin had an 18-year old drinking age.

If you can go to war, get married and buy a house at 18, there is no reason to restrict responsible access to hear, wine and mixed drinks!

College-age Americans 18-21 drink anyway. So do many Europeans 18-21 (and even younger in Germany) where responsible use of alcohol is part of the culture.1

An 18-year old drinking age will give an alternative to binge drinking on campus and drinking in cars, since they cannot do it in restaurants and bars.

Some want Congress to raise it to 25. I understand the concerns of Mothers Against Drunk Driving and others. But education and responsible cultural changes in families and universities are a better plan to prohibition.

Economic development as well as realistic policies will result from this change. We can trust our young people!

For leadership that responds to the needs of the people and gets the job done, Gary George, Democrat for Congress, on August 12th.


Gary George

See http://www2.potsdam.edu/alcohol/LegalDrinkingAge.html#.U9bBcfldWy4 for drinking ages worldwide.