2 Job Initiatives I Promise to Push

2 Job Initiatives I Promise to Push

Dear 4th Congressional District Voters:

I have specific plans to help create jobs. Here are 2:

1. A summer job for every 16 year-old in Milwaukee County. As a teenager, I had a job cleaning trash from Estabrook and Lincoln Parks. We can afford to do this for all Milwaukee County teenagers during their 16th summer. Parks, the elderly, vacant lots are all possible beneficiaries. I will work with local officials to accomplish.

2. MMSD (Milw. Metropolitan Sewerage District) should train Milwaukee County residents to repair and replace water pipes. This training program should lead to MMSD hiring directly these Milwaukee County residents upon completion of the training program. Milwaukee water rates are proposed to rise over 10% and this initiative could save money for all users by preventing waste from pipe breakage. The Associated Press report this week about UCLA said this is a national problem. I agree!

Yesterday, we saw Milwaukee lose another 600 jobs when Cargill announced a closing in the Menomonee Valley.

The Mayor looked lost on TV and our Congresswoman was silent. Neither do much on jobs except react to bad news after. This is why I am running. We need change!

A do-nothing Congress and a do-nothing Milwaukee political leadership have let us down on jobs, transportation, immigration and so much more!

Gary George – Democrat for Congress


Gary George