Education Reform and Lower Property Taxes

Dear 4th Congressional District Voter:

Education is the key to a better life. A better job, stronger families, better health and accesses to healthcare are all benefits of working.

Across Milwaukee County, we need more jobs!

In Congress, I will help.

As a strong supporter of Public Education, as well as the legislative author of the Parental Choice program, I know voters want value for their property tax and income tax dollars. Voters support all platforms for education. That is education reform.

Federal funding can help with special education funding, lower class size programs and job training for those who wish to go from high school to work.

These and other federal funding initiatives will lower property taxes in all the 4th C.D. school districts in Milwaukee County.

I have a proven record in Madison. I will work directly with local officials in a way that has not happened in two decades.

Like Jim Moody, Jerry Kleczka, Henry Reuss and Clem Zablocki, constituent services will be the highest priority!

Vote Gary George, Democrat 4th Congressional District, August 12.


Gary George