Equal Pay and Poverty among Women in Milwaukee County

Dear 4th Congressional District Voters:

Equal pay for equal work is still not in place. I will work in Congress to institute policies in federal contracting to guarantee fairness to women in work.

For working women, I support the call by Rep. Paul Ryan to increase the Earned Income Tax Credit. It works! This is a bi-partisan opportunity.

The State of Wisconsin has devastated the women-owned daycare industry in Milwaukee County – often after phony investigations. I will call on Congress to oversee more directly the fairness of usage of federal funds so working women have clean, dependable and affordable day care. This will help women in poverty and mothers in the middle-class. I will hold Congressional Hearings for oversight.

I fully support more women on corporate boards and a stronger focus on sexual harassment in the workplace and in colleges.

Education is the key for job access and mobility. I pledge to be the “Education Congressman”, supporting all platforms of education.

Vote Gary George – Democrat for Congress on August 12th


Gary George