Federal Highway Funding

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (p. 5A on July 2, 2014)
“Federal Highway Funding Dwindles”

This week, the U.S. Department of Transportation announced gridlock in Congress means the people of Milwaukee County will feel the pain of cutbacks in federal funds for roads and mass transit.

The Obama Administration sent a letter to the Walker Administration saying the cuts will be about 28%.

700,000 jobs could be at risk!

Enough of Inaction!! We need change in D.C. We need leadership before a bridge falls in Milwaukee like it did in Minneapolis.

Vote for Gary George on August 12th. After the longest tenure as Chairman of Wisconsin’s Joint Finance Committee, I can work with both Democrats and Republicans to find a solution that does not hurt our economy.

We need roads without potholes to get to work, school, shopping, the doctor and for fun. The same is true for our bus system.

Quality cities have quality transportation system. Milwaukee needs leadership in Washington on this. I want your vote on August 12th in the Democratic Primary to do so for you and your family.

Contact us at garygeorge4congress@gmail.com with your ideas. Also, check out our website, garygeorge4congress.com and follow us on Facebook at GaryGeorge4Congress.

Join Gary George and vote for change, if you believe as we do, that Milwaukee needs urgent solutions for urgent problems.