Gwen Moore voted against Israel

Dear 4th Congressional District Voter:

Gwen Moore voted against Israel. Israel and the United States.

In 2009, the current representative from the 4th Congressional District in Wisconsin (representing most of Milwaukee County) voted against a resolution supporting Israel. The vote was 390-5. (See Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Jan. 15, 2009)

Since then, she has told the Jewish Chronicle she wants to be an “honest broker” in the Middle East conflict.

Milwaukee is the home of Golda Meir, the great Prime Minister of Israel. We have a special tie to Israel, with ongoing business and cultural ties for many of our citizens here.

But we stand on the brink of crisis – again – and Israel needs a friend in Washington from Milwaukee… a dependable and loyal friend until there is Middle East Peace.

Missiles into southern Israel, threats to Jerusalem and tragedy for civilians on both sides are in the news daily. Hamas must stand down to avoid full scale war. In Congress, we need a congressman who understands what is at stake!

I visited Israel with the late Marty Stein, and saw its importance.

If elected to Congress, I will fully oppose the efforts to establish an academic boycott of Israel.

Israel, like the United States, has a full spectrum of politics. From Likud to Labor, Israel’s political leaders will continue to seek the right balance.

For the United States, as your Congressman, I am on Israel’s side in opposing a nuclear-armed Iran.

Like Israel, Congress must seek a solution to Shia violence in Syria and beyond and Sunni violence in Iraq.

Until then, all of us are in danger. We need Israel as our strongest military and intelligence ally. In Congress, my voice will be added to those who see this reality.

Vote Gary George for Congress on Aug. 12th in the Democratic Primary.

Article re Gwen Moore’s stance against Israel