Israel, Middle East in Crisis

Dear 4th Congressional District Voter:

This week there is the Islamic Holy Day of Eid-al-Fitr. Missiles are firing from Gaza into Israel. A hospital was hit in Gaza. Soldiers and civilians are dying. The TV coverage is shocking. Syria, Iraq and Libya are on fire.

Congress needs a leader from Milwaukee. A strong supporter of Israel is critical so our voice at the table works for peace but maintains a rock-solid commitment to our military and intelligence ally Israel.

Like the U.S., the politics of Israel are on a spectrum. That is democracy. But Sunday night at Congregation Shalom on Santa Monica, hundreds gathered for solidarity with Israel.

Our Congresswomen must not be silent in Washington on the threat of the tunnels to Israel, as well as the missiles.

No one in power should want children and innocents killed or terrorized – anywhere in the World.

We need a congressman to speak up for our values, keep the citizens fully informed and be available when our citizens gather in concern, not just at election time.

I will be that Congressman. I will oppose academic and economic boycotts of Israel and work with the State and Commerce Departments and with our other allies, like Turkey, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia to build the economic power, together with Israel, to overcome the benefits of war.

Having visited Israel with the late Marty Stein and talking to Palestinians there and here – I believe we can do this!

Like here, education and jobs are the answer.

I ask for the chance to serve.

Gary George – Democrat for Congress on August 12th.

Sincerely, Gary George