Need For Jobs – Social and Economic Issues in Milwaukee

Dear 4th Congressional District Voters:

Yesterday, I enjoyed very much meeting the voters in Bayside, Fox Point, Whitefish Bay and Glendale during my walk down Port Washington Road. In addition, I was able to engage in an interview with Mike Lowe, the political reporter for Channel 6. Standing in the plaza between Panera Bread and Joseph A. Bank at Silver Spring and Port Washington Road, we talked about social and economic issues in Milwaukee County that are facing the community.

The questions come up about why I am running against Representative Gwen Moore and what about my past.

I will speak more about the latter in the future.

In terms of why I am challenging the current Representative, as I have stated before I have the highest respect for Representative Moore. I served with Gwen in the State Legislature and admired the way she presents herself as a historic figure in our community. She was the first woman, the first black person, and the first black woman to represent Milwaukee in Congress. Nothing in this race will change that historic nature.

But this race is not about her job, this race is about your job and the jobs for your family and the jobs for the future Milwaukee County residents. We need leadership. We need urgent leadership, this leadership we are not getting from any of the Milwaukee County political establishment.

Just look at the news and the lack of jobs. Job creation is the number one issue in this campaign, in the race for Governor and in every other political race we see for 2014. Nothing serious is being done in connection with the lack of jobs. Crime, the breakdown of families, lack of education, and the failure to stabilize neighborhoods all can be solved with more jobs. Without jobs these problems leads to the social chaos we are not facing in Milwaukee County. Economic development is the key.

Our failure of leadership is just startling. Look at the recent report about the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. They are giving economic support to companies that are outsourcing our jobs and that has to stop. We need to put Milwaukee County first when it comes to the use of our tax dollars.

That is why I do not place spending billions of dollars to build fences on the Mexico border or the war posture that we have in Afghanistan or Iraq or elsewhere around the world as a higher priority than helping the people in Milwaukee County.

While all this chaos is occurring in Milwaukee County, we need a member of Congress who will stand up and fight and be outspoken to restore the Federal Highway Fund. This week Congress has failed to act again on a funding solution on transportation. That lack of transportation funding is an urgent crisis for Milwaukee County right now. Congress needs to act!

Quality highways and a mass transit system are desperately needed so people can do business in our community, get to work, get to schools, get to the doctor, get to shopping, and to religious services, and in other words, live their lives to the fullest. As your Congressman I will always understand that need and make that a top priority.

As I walked down Port Washington Rd. yesterday and on Lisbon Ave. between 76th and 100th Street, it is clear what people want. They want a Milwaukee they can believe in. That is not what they see right now. The older people I talk to are worried about their retirement and possibly leaving Milwaukee. The younger people I talk to, talk about leaving Milwaukee to find their future.

As your Congressman, I promise to make Milwaukee a place people want to stay in, want to raise their families in, want to retire in.

Today I will be walking on Roosevelt Blvd. in Sherman Park. In addition, I will be visiting St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Today in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, there is an excellent report about the financial calamity that both St. Joseph’s Hospital and Sinai Samaritan Hospital, on 12th Street downtown, are facing. We need congressional leadership to make sure that our federal dollars are going to accessible healthcare. Federal funds are the majority of the funding for these hospitals.

We see no leadership out of Madison or out of either the Milwaukee County Board or the City of Milwaukee to save these hospitals.

The Milwaukee delegation to the Legislature is also silent.

Not only are these hospitals critical for the healthcare they provide but they also provide thousands of jobs for people in our community.

We need leadership! We need change!

Vote for Gary George in the Democratic Primary to bring that change.

Please call our campaign at 414-810-6484 or visit us on the web at or on Facebook at GaryGeorge4Congress for more information or to let us know if you wish to volunteer to help the campaign.

Thanks, and looking forward to meeting you on the campaign trail before the election on August 12.

Sincerely yours,

Gary R. George

Democratic Candidate for Congress 4th District